Waste Water Treatment Process


All wastewater sources originating from tenants are collected in one tub and equipped with filters (fine screen and gate screen)

Equalitazion Tube

This tube is used to overcome operational problems, discharge variations, and to overcome problems in handling the quality of liquid waste that will enter waste treatment units.

Aeration Tube

Dissolving oxygen into wastewater to increase dissolved oxygen levels in water and support the formation of bacterial character, and a buffer for bacterial growth.


In this tube, the activated sludge formed in the aeration tube, which contains the mass of microorganisms is deposited and pumped back into the first aeration tube.

Result of laboratirum Test Analysis

To comply with the Minister of Environment Regulation No.3 of 2010 concerning Quality Standards for Liquid Waste for Industrial Estates, Article 9 paragraph (j), PT Kawasan Industri Nusantara routinely has its liquid waste checked every month at an accredited laboratory at the Ministry of Environment.