Clean Water Treatment Process


In the Water Intake area, there is a reservoir that functions to maintain the availability of raw water discharge to be processed in the WTP unit. This raw water comes from the flow of the Bah Tongguran River, a tributary of the Bah Bolon River.


After going through several processes, clean water which still contains a small amount of colloid enters the channel (settler tube) in a downstream direction. At the bottom of the settler tube, there is an upstream flow into the tube


The clean water in the water basin has passed the water purification process stage, in this stage, the water is ready to be supplied to the tenants of Sei Mangkei SEZ.

Result of laboratirum Test Analysis

To comply with Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesian Regulation No.32 of 2017 concerning Clean Water Quality Standards for Industrial Estates, PT Kawasan Industri Nusantara routinely checks its Clean Water every month to an accredited laboratory.