Oil Palm
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  • The midrib of oil palm trees can produce Vitamin E through extraction. Meanwhile, oil palm tree trunks can be used as fiberboards for raw materials for furniture, chairs, tables, cabinets, etc.

Oil Palm Industrial Tree
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  • Oil palm derivative products include: cooking oil, margarine, shortening, vanaspati (vegetable ghee), ice cream, bakery fats, instant noodles, soap and detergent, cocoa butter extender, chocolate and coatings, specialty fats, dry soap mixes, sugar confectioneries, biscuits cream fats, filled milk, lubrication, textiles, and bio-diesel oil (fatty acid methyl esters, FAM)

Palm Kernel Oil
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  • Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) derivative products include: shortening, cocoa butter substitute, specialty fats, ice cream, coffee whitener/cream, sugar confectioneries, biscuits cream fats, filled mild, imitation cream, soap, detergent, shampoo, surfactant, soap noodles, glycerin, fatty acids, and cosmetics. 

CPO-Based Oleochemistry
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  • CPO-based Oleochemical derivative products include: methyl ester, plastics, textile processing, metal processing, lubricants, emulsifiers, detergents, glycerin, cosmetics, explosives, pharmaceutical products, and food protective coatings.

The Residue of Cpo Industry
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  • Derivative products from the residual processing of the CPO industry can be used as boiler fuel and semi-furniture materials. The potential of oil palm waste such as oil palm empty bunches (tankos) is a source of potassium fertilizer and has the potential to be processed into organic fertilizer. Another function of tankos is as a fiber material for car seats and mattresses.